Clearer vision in 2020

January 28, 2020 9:43 AM | Anonymous member

A new decade to attract, retain, and engage employees is our next adventure.  The environment and tactics are changing, and as Total Rewards professionals we are called upon to make strategic decisions and change from the trends of the past.

It's easy to see the labor shortage will continue to be a concern and attracting that labor pool is going to be a fun challenge. The need for flexibility, social awareness, and a new type of loyalty will need to be addressed.  No pun intended, but we need to foresee the obstacles of the "hot topics" and "best practices" well before they make the list.  Twenty-twenty is a time to see where we have been and how to direct where we need to go.    

ICBA is an amazing association with a large pool of diverse professionals from members starting in the Total Rewards arena to season veterans.  Each of these individuals are important. 

The board has worked hard to provide great speakers and presentations for our members this year. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 


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