ICBA Job Descriptions


The President:
  • Provides direction, exercises general supervision over the activities and welfare of the group and keeps in constant touch with other members of the Board of Directors for policy matters.
  • Serves as an ex-official member for all group committees, appointing committee chairpersons, as necessary.
  • Presides at all meetings of the group and its Executive Committee, calling meetings as deemed necessary.
  • Clarify roles and essential functions for each incoming board member.
  • Acts as the primary liaison with WorldatWork's appointed representatives.
  • Ensures compliance with organizational bylaws.

Vice President

The Vice President:
  • Develop and present recommendations to the Board of Directors for course selection, contract with WAW, secure the course location, register participants, distribute course materials, and handle all other details necessary for program success.
  • Plans, publicizes, and presents between three and five WorldatWork Certification Courses each year.
  • Plans, publicizes and presents miscellaneous educational/networking programs of varying lengths featuring industry-recognized Human Resource professionals or other high quality presenters as requested.
  • Assists President and Past President in identifying the next term Board of Directors.
  • Assists the President as requested and assumes other responsibilities as requested.


The Secretary:
  • Takes Board of Directors and other meeting minutes, records attendance for Board and other member meetings, and maintains control of all group records, except financial records.
  • Assists President as requested and assumes other responsibilities as requested.


The Treasurer:
  • Is responsible for maintaining all records related to the receipt, deposit, and disbursement of the group's funds, keeping and preserving proper vouchers and books of accounts for all activities.
  • Submits records for inspection upon request of the Board of Directors.
  • Oversees all activities as it relates to the handling of group funds.
  • Prepares and presents at least quarterly reports to the Board of Directors and an annual report to the membership.
  • Works in conjunction with President and Vice President in preparing annual budget.
  • Ensures the timely filing of all tax forms with local, state, and federal authorities as may be required.

Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator:
  • In conjunction with all other Board of Directors members, identify programing needs for upcoming year.
  • Develop and present program ideas for consideration of Board members.
  • Secure speakers and locations, and handle all other details necessary for program success.
  • Work with Communications Coordinator aand Web Coordinator to ensure all publications include appropriate materials.

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator:
  • Handles group public relations and the ongoing solicitation of new members.
  • Identifies new member sources, coordinate the preparation and updating of the new member prospect list.
  • Develops and presents membership solicitation and new member materials to the Board of Directors for consideration.
  • Coordinates all new member solicitation mailings and handles all other activities necessary to promote and increase awareness of the group's purpose and goals with Human Resource professionals in Utah.
  • Maintain and update membership records and handle all other necessary administrative tasks.
  • Oversees the annual mailing of member renewal statements .

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator:
  • Coordinates the publication of all communications (to ICBA Membership and/or to General public), including overseeing publication deadlines, preparing pre-written announcements, composing announcements, and coordinating production and distribution.
  • Ensures that all communications are timely, accurate, and of professional quality.
  • Summarizes and reports to Board of Directors results of any surveys performed.
  • Assists Membership Coordinator in developing membership materials.
  • Work with Program Coordinator to ensure all publications include appropriate materials.
  • Facilitates all outgoing, mass-member email communications (i.e., membership drive, announcements or educational events, etc.).

Web Coordinator

The Web Coordinator:
  • Assists the Board with all web/internet based communications and Home Page development.
  • Manage the relationship and acts as liaison between web offering and ICBA Board of Directors for all web-related issues.
  • Ensures that all web postings are timely, accurate and of professional quality.
  • Coordinates with President on all job referrals, position announcements and position postings to be communicated to membership through Website and at quarterly meetings.
  • Advises the Board on technological issues and recommends changes to the IBCA Website as appropriate.
  • Responds to and routes all email communications to the appropriate coordinator for resolution.

Immediate Past-President

The Immediate Past President:
  • Counsels and serves in an advisory capacity to the President.
  • Attends Board of Director meetings, providing input on operations, policies, procedures, and activities.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as designated by the Executive Committee.

Group Partnership Network (GPN) Liaision

The GPN Liaison:
  • Acts as a liaison with WorldAtWork representatives and Group Partnership Network Staff.
  • Attends via teleconference meetings of regional GPN representatives.
  • Counsel Board of Directors on ideas developed through contact with other GPN associations.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as designated by the Board of Directors.

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