Coming to a Theater Near You

April 20, 2021 11:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I went to see a movie at a movie theater last week. It was the first time I’ve gone in a very long time. Pre-COVID I would go to movies all the time. I waited in crowed lines to get popcorn and a Dr Pepper, looking at the colorful displays and posters of new releases and upcoming movies while I waited. Fifteen or more movie options would present themselves, vying for my attentions and dollars. The theater would be full, maybe not sold-out, but usually close to it.

This time the lobby still sold popcorn and my Dr Pepper, but there were no crowed lines. Earlier in the day half of the lobby was used as a COVID-19 vaccination site. Instead of large cardboard displays of upcoming movies there were instructional posters of how to get your vaccination. Only three options for new movies were available, one of which could be streamed from home (which I had done earlier). The theater had less than 10 viewers. A stark comparison to what it was like over a year ago.

Is this the new normal? Get your vaccine then catch one of three new movies that are out in the theater? Or will we watch all new releases at home, virtually participating in the movie going experience?  I hope not. I’m sure there will be a new normal, but hopefully one that isn’t so COVID centric. I hope to be able to get together again, less than six feet apart and not wear a mask. Hopefully, we can be present for the experiences. But it will take time.

ICBA is taking time too. We will continue for the time being to meet virtually, and I hope you will join us for our virtual meeting on April 28 at 9am. We will be discussing how COVID-19 and remote work has changed the way we use geographic differentials (or has it?), presented by Cheryl Doerfler Lake, CCP, SHPR, SHRM-SCP. 

Shannon Prickett

President, ICBA

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